Tailor Skin Dry Cleanse

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If you have never experienced the skin boosting power of a dry cleanse, what are you waiting for? Formulated to simultaneously cleanse and exfoliate the skin, this dry cleanser is just what you need to simplify your daily skincare regimen. Rice flour granules and baking soda gently buff away dead skin cells and brighten the complexion, while the bentonite clay included in the formula dives deep to detoxify the skin and expel impurities. Organic orange peel extract and citric acid have also been blended into the dry cleanse, as they effectively kill germs and bacteria that are known to cause acne breakouts.


After cleansing, pour 1/2 a tsp of Tailor Dry Cleanse into your palm, add enough water to make a paste – activating the mix. Massage the paste over your face and neck. Concentrate on areas prone to breakouts (e.g. T-zone, nose and jawline.) Use every other day or as required. Follow with: Tailor Mist and Moisture for Oily Skin, Tailor Moisture or Hydrate for normal or combination skin and Tailor Hydrate or Serum for dry Skin.

  • Store Tailor Dry Cleanse with the lid on tight to keep out moisture.
  • Use after cleansing or by itself.
  • Leave on for 2 mins for an express facial treatment.


Bentonite (clay), Organic Sucrose (sugar), Oryza Sativa (organic rice) powder, Citrus Sinensis (organic orange peel) powder, Allantoin (plant derivative), Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), Citric Acid and Ascorbic Acid (natural vitamin C).


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