Tailor Skin Masque

Tailor Skin Face Masque


Nourishing Face Mask with Bentonite Clay and Essential Oil

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This is the face masque recommended for those with skin prone to breakouts. Containing a generous amount of organic bentonite clay, the formula of the masque effectively unclogs pores that are bogged down by impurities such as dirt, oil and residue from cosmetics. Infused with a dose of kanuka essential oil, this masque has also been designed to kill those germs and bacteria that cause acne. The acne-fighting masque is conveniently easy to use and it does not cause any irritation. You’ll simply be left with skin that is clean, clear and radiant.



  • Apply Tailor Masque to a dry face and neck. Concentrate on breakout prone areas.
  • Let dry for 10-20 min.
  • Wash with warm water and facecloth.
  • Follow with Tailor Mist, and Tailor Moisture or Tailor Hydrate and Serum.
  • Use Tailor Masque as a pimple treatment. Dab onto your spots, let dry and rinse off.



Aqua, bentonite, dehydroacetic acid, benzyl alcohol and NZ Kanuka essential oil.


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